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Shipday and GoTab have recently joined forces to enhance user experience! By integrating these platforms, customers can now seamlessly manage orders, deliveries, and payments in one place. Restaurants and businesses benefit from streamlined operations, reduced costs, and valuable data insights.

Amidst this exciting new partnership, Shipday and GoTab decided to release guest blogs on each other’s platforms.

You can review the benefits of Shipday’s AI-Powered direct delivery with your restaurant’s POS system on GoTab’s platform. 

Take a look at what GoTab’s team had to say about POS features that can enhance your restaurant experience below. 

Enhance Your Restaurant Experience with Essential POS Features

Running a successful restaurant involves delivering exceptional dining experiences efficiently and seamlessly. One of the key elements to achieve this is having the right Point of Sale (POS) system with essential features. In this blog, we will explore the crucial POS features that can significantly enhance your operations and guest satisfaction.

Seamless Integrations with Other Software

Integrating your POS system with accounting, management, and delivery software is essential for efficient restaurant management. It ensures a seamless flow of information between sales, inventory, staff management, delivery operations, and financial reporting. This integration not only reduces errors but also enhances operational efficiency by eliminating manual data entry tasks and streamlining processes from order placement to delivery.

Shared Tabs and Splitting Bills

When guests visit your restaurant in groups, you want to make settling their bills as effortless as possible. Restaurant POS systems should offer features like shared tabs from servers to guests, and mobile bill splitting. These features save your staff valuable time by reducing the need for manual payment processing and ensure accurate billing for each guest. With GoTab’s Easy Tab, you can introduce mobile ordering on-premise, guiding guests in the benefits of using their device to place orders while implementing hybrid-service models,

Handheld POS for Tableside Service

The ability to process orders and payments directly at the table, often referred to as "Handheld POS,” is a game-changer for restaurants. Whether your staff needs to take orders, split checks, or process payments, handheld POS devices ensure they can provide efficient and personalized service without leaving the guests' side. 

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Access to real-time reporting and analytics is essential for making data-driven decisions and optimizing restaurant performance. POS systems should offer robust reporting tools that provide insights into sales trends, menu performance, labor costs, and more. These insights help you identify opportunities for improvement and implement strategies to increase profitability.

Two-Way Text from POS & KDS Devices

Effective communication is crucial for seamless operations. POS and KDS Kitchen Display   Systems should include two-way text messaging capabilities to streamline communication between staff members. Whether it's relaying special requests or notifying the kitchen about a dietary preference, this feature ensures that information flows effortlessly, resulting in a better guest experience.

Making the Switch

Deciding you need a new POS system is just step one. The transition involves careful planning, choosing the right system, and implementing it smoothly. It's crucial to find a system that fits your current needs and future growth, is secure, and easy for your staff to adopt. And it always doesn’t have to be an expensive switch, with systems like GoTab, there are no lock-in contracts and compatibility with virtually any Internet-enabled hardware.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as Shipday and GoTab’s integration efforts! 

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