Join Shipday's Affiliate Partner Program

A simple way to make money by setting up people to Shipday. Get 20% on-going revenue share every month. There's no limit on how much you can earn.

Affiliate Partner Program

Interested in setting up Shipday for your clients and earn recurring revenue share?

Start by becoming an affiliate partner.


  • 20% recurring revenue share from your referrals  
  • Direct deposit to your stripe/PayPal account every month
  • Implementation support for your customers
  • Access to Shipday training materials

How does it work?

  • Sign up as partner for free
  • Then invite potential users using your unique referral link
  • Once they sign up using the link, it gets connected to your partner account automatically


  • An active Stripe or PayPal account to receive the payout.
  • You need at least total 3 active accounts under your partner code with minimum 1 paid account to start getting the revenue share
  • Only available in 41 countries now with stripe payments.


How are the referrals tracked?

Once you sign up as partner, you get access to a partner portal. You can see all your referrals who signed up with Shipday accounts. You can see their current plan and  number of orders completed by them to track your commission payout

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Do I need to add 3 paid customers before I get paid?

No, you need 1 paid Shipday user to start getting your  commissions. But you need at least 3 total active accounts. That means other 2 accounts can be under free plans, but they need to be using shipday.

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Who can benefit the most from Shipday partner program?

Mostly developers and marketing agencies who help small businesses set up e-commerce stores and other technology solutions. However, if you are an influencer in the industry, you can also be an affiliate partner to earn from your referrals.

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How do I get the payout?

We will pay you on monthly basis based on the commissions earned from last months billing of your referrals. It will be sent to your bank, or PayPal account.

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