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Delivery services are important for small businesses looking to offer an excellent delivery experience for their customers. But gaining the know-how and practical strategies to organize and run a full-scale delivery business can be a challenge.

This is where delivery software can come in handy. Delivery software, such as Shipday, can make it much easier for small businesses to offer delivery services without spending too much money. Shipday offers a free forever plan for small teams. It’s a powerful software that helps small businesses all around the world plan, organize, and execute effective delivery strategies to help grow their business.  

Why delivery management software helps small businesses

If your business is focused on offering a full-scale delivery operation for your customers, you need good delivery software. Whether you're in food delivery or another service provider, a unified portal is necessary to provide real-time tracking, management of delivery routes, and provide key features like proof of delivery,  a customer app, and a customer portal to help your business provide great customer experience within your delivery process. 

Here are seven reasons why small businesses find delivery software helpful:

  1. Save Money - A delivery software solution can help small businesses reduce the costs associated with using delivery apps from third-party companies. These apps often charge high commissions on orders, but with a delivery software solution, you can manage your own deliveries at no extra cost. Additionally, most delivery software solutions are highly customizable, meaning businesses can set their own parameters for how much they should charge customers or pay drivers.
  2. Efficiency & Automation - Using technology that helps with automation can make small businesses more efficient. Delivery software can help with automated dispatch for drivers and route optimization, which makes things happen more quickly and smoothly. This can save time and effort.
  3. Optimize Routes - By using GPS technology in free delivery software, small businesses can calculate the best routes for drivers so they can get from point A to point B quickly and without getting lost. This route planning software will help save time and money on fuel, as well as increase customer satisfaction rates.
  4. Customer Satisfaction - With notifications sent through SMS text message updates, customers can stay informed about their order status so they know when their order will arrive. This provides convenience and peace of mind for both the customer and business owner. This also helps build trust between customers and businesses while also making sure that they receive their orders on time.
  5. Manage Drivers More Easily - Automating tasks like driver onboarding, driver tracking, scheduling, delivery dispatch, payouts, and timesheets makes it easier for small businesses to manage their drivers without having to hire additional personnel.
  6. Reduce Error Rate - Free delivery software reduces the risk of human error in managing orders by automating many of the processes involved such as invoicing and order tracking. This ensures accuracy in data entry while also reducing time spent manually entering data into systems.
  7.  Security & Compliance - Delivery Software also offers secure data storage capabilities as well as compliance with specific regulations depending on industry requirements (like food safety regulations). This means that small businesses won’t have to worry about any potential fines or penalties due to discrepancies between local laws or other legal requirements.

One of the biggest benefits of delivery software

Overall, using a dedicated delivery software can provide many benefits for small businesses looking to offer reliable delivery services. One of the biggest (as pointed out above) is in cost savings. Delivery software can help businesses avoid paying additional costs to solutions offered by third-party providers like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc. This savings is a major benefit, as commissions to these companies can add up over time if used consistently.

Combined with other benefits like efficient routes, automation, customizable notifications settings, and flexible scheduling options make delivery software an excellent choice for small businesses wanting to establish a cost-effective delivery operation.


Shipday is a great delivery software, meeting specific needs of the small business while still ensuring maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our product and how it can benefit your small business you can try it for free or schedule a call with one of our representatives to understand more how our delivery software might work for your small business.

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