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How to integrate Shipday with eHungry

1. Open a Shipday dispatch account

2. Find your unique API key under Main Menu > My Account tab

3. Provide your dispatch password to see the API key

4. Now go to your e-hungry Admin “Dashboard”

5. Click “Restaurant Manager”

6. Click “Restaurant Locations”

7. Click “change this” link beside “Currently Receives Orders by:”

8. Select “Order Notifications” tab

9. Scroll down a bit and find “I want webhooks with order details” option under “When a new order is placed:” section and select the radio button

10. After selecting the radio button, a section with some input boxes will appear

11. Put your integration url into a “Webhook URL:” input box - for url see below

12. Click “Save main notification details” button

Webhook URL Endpoint:

Base URL: Shipday API KEY

How to get Shipday API key

Main Menu > My Account > Account: