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How to integrate Shipday with Cloud Waitress

1. First go to your Cloud Waitress Account Dashboard.

2. Click on the settings (gear wheel) from left menu bar, and then click on integrations

3. you will find Shipday integration. Click on it.

4. You need to enter Shipday API Key  in the integration box to enable it.

5.  You need have a shipday account to get the API key. If you don’t have a shipday account yet, You can also do it from here

6. You can find  the Shipday API key under “My Account” section from the main menu.

7. After you copy the API key from Shipday and insert it into Cloud Waitress Account, you are connected.

8. Now every time a delivery order comes in, it will go to Shipday account for dispatching and delivery tracking.

How to get Shipday API key

Main Menu > My Account > Account:

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